Brandy Lake Association in Muskoka

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elcome to Brandy Lake in Muskoka


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5 comments on “Brandy Lake Association in Muskoka

  1. just left Brandy Lake after visiting family over the Labour Day long weekend.Beautiful lake! A charming taste of Muskoka.Who could want for anything more.Thanks to all those we met during our stay,especially Bob,Andrea & Krissy Carlson!

  2. Thanks to all those who organized the social. It was a fantastic way to meet a cross section of new neighbours for the first time, plus a few who’ve already stopped by our dock since we moved here in mid June. We’ve already bonded with the lake and hope to be able to chat with more of you as we paddle around so please don’t make strange….

  3. In case anyone likes to keep track of wildlife in our watershed, today we saw two sandhill cranes on their early migration back down south, now confirmed by Kevin’s bird expert. We saw them on the Beatrice Townline on the eastern edge of the Brandy Lake watershed….Kevin and Moreen

  4. During recent conversations with folks that are monitoring the Brandy Lake Watershed, it was mentioned that we don’t have a weather station in the watershed. Today we found one on Beatrice Townline Road just on the east side of the Brandy Lake watershed. It is an Environment Canada automated weather station, so we might be able to access the data from the station if we ask…and if it still active…..Kevin and Moreen

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