Scull = automatic swim.

Maybe next year we can get  other Sculls  on Brandy Lake.  It is without a doubt the  most difficult water sport I have tried.   Cripes..I barefooted my first time out!

I took advantage of the recent warm weather ….however it was quite a shock all week jumping into  the CRISP water for the cool down swim.  Today… actually it’s back to 19 water temp so not so bad.    However.. swim days are probably numbered soon due to cold weather moving in.

Hopefully next summer I can figure it out..maybe have some Shell row friends by then,

I should add …in this type of post…this is what I do….you need to to be your own judge….rowing a scull or shell puts a high level of stress on your entire body and could be fatal….only swim if conditions are safe..obey all local rules and suggestions regarding swimming.




3L Boat For Sale

Seeing if anybody on the lake wants it before we post it elsewhere.

$11,500.00 ……….  Time for a change!

2004 Bayliner with 3L Mercruiser engine. ..17 Foot c/w Monster Tower and Galvanized trailer

I “think” it is  in really nice condition..fold down  seats are fine…couple hard to spot scratches in the hull.  Always new oil and filter, very easy to winterize.

Replaced speedometer with GPS for accurate speeds in skiing and wake-boarding

Trim works fine but gauge bounces around sometime.  Oil pressure is at 40 psi at running speed and temp runs around 175.    New battery this year and newer tires on trailer with folding tongue.

More inside pictures later

email ………




Getting Close

What a great summer

Water so ….Nice

BLA Social ….Nice 

Jon and Bla Regatta ..Nice

AGM…I guessing the water results from last  year will be… Nice

Fun on the water…Nice

July 2019 …20.7 mm of rain

Aug 2019 …so far 41.2 mm

It was just June the other day…summer season is nearing an end..Bad






Key Reference Points

We have three (3) key reference points on Brandy Lake

The 118 Bridge story:

The main drain for  Brandy Lake (some newbies call it Brandy Creek, it’s not) …but its just an outlet or drain into Muskoka.    This is the second highway 118 bridge in several decades.  The original bridge was to the west of it.   The difference is …the new bridge ” bottom cut” is higher.    It was fun to run the spring rapids in small inflatable boats…. decades  ago..down the outlet rock cut  into Muskoka

Mid Brandy Lake Rock

As you see  today…mid August….it is above the water as the lake is near its natural level.  If you look and read my pdf copy from the 70’s  below….. that rock location is beside the same water sampling station used today     (Note …the PDF may not post so I included the picture) The interesting thing….with the original bridge, the water had a  level  well below the tree line at that time.. (remember the original bridge had a lower cut).  As a result, a 15 foot ish flat rock island or drinking platform…(in the day lol) and the middle  rock..what we see today looked like a post.

Brandy Creek

Brandy Lake, I’m told by scientist …we are a head water lake..   we have a 40x’s water shed.   The main inlet is Brandy Creek and wanders in from Bracebridge.   About 14 years ago the scientist that did a three year study (more on that later) paddled from Bracebridge area to Brandy Lake..(in sectors)  on that creek.  The creek is about 1.5m deep ish coming in under Falkenberg Road.  Unfortunately, over the last 1.3 ish decades…..Beavers built about 9 dams destroying the beautiful fish filled natural creek between Brandy and Falkenberg  Rd.    They are not producing wet lands..but turned the creek into a dry trench.    We could row up there and fish and enjoy nature.    The fish died over time near the road pond.      So..if you google “Brandy Lake Maps”  the original photos are still on the site and clearly show a healthy creek.    Today..if you look from shore you only see tall grass

Closing...I have not seen the Alga we experienced 3 to 5 years ago…shore line tress are dry and happy and water looks and feels so nice..   in my humble opinion.