Brandy Lake The Story

Here is the earliest Brandy Lake Water Report we can find.  It is from the mid 70’s.   Information supplied by Ontario Ministry of the Environment protected by Crown Copyright Thank you.


Brandy Lake is classified as a Headwater Lake with a reported water shed of about 30 x’s the lake size.   You can see one of the major inlet stream by going to google maps satellite view  (button located top right) typing in Brandy Lake and scroll to the north east end. The photo is from several years ago showing the clear inlet that collects water from what seems to be the Bracebridge basin.

We seem to have popular unique lake as many universities across Ontario have visited and tested and tested over the years.    The tests have been for fish hierarchy to ..whatever.

Brandy Lake, hence it’s name,is dark do to the tannin content.   In addition according to the  The District Municipality of Muskoka Planning and Economic Development Department we have a DOC reading of about 105 and I’m guessing the average would be about 30?   According to the MLA study ” Brandy Lake is classified as a dystrophic lake, which is high in dissolved organic carbon and therefore also high in total phosphorus regardless of human impacts. High total phosphorus in this case in not considered unhealthy.

Water testing was started almost a decade ago by the first president Jane Evans

Here are some recent tests thanks to Riverstone and the MLA

2007 MLA Water quality Brandy Lake

2011 Report Brandy Lake  Some extra reading in this one.

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