Your Littoral Zone – Brandy Lake

What do we do about trees in the water.   Here is some good information thanks to the Muskoka Water Shed Council.

Lorna and I have practiced this for years and it really works.  We have created a new feeding area as well as perch for wild birds.

One a few logs we leave resting in the water on our south shore.

From the Muskoka Water Shed Council

The water in front of the shoreline provides spawning areas, cover, nursery habitat and food for a range of species, offering foraging areas and hiding spots and a shallow,relatively protected area for young fish and amphibians to grow.

Aquatic plants and downed trees are a crucial part of the system, with the plants acting as the lungs of the lake, converting sunlight into food and releasing oxygen in the process, and providing food and shelter for other creatures.

Read full story Shore Primer (tree)

Remember if it is not any way…don’t leave it there.

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