Hucklberry Rock Fire near Milford Bay

It was like 3rd world country with sirens going on here the last little while.   Fire truck were coming from all over the place seemed.

Apparently they used water bombers as well.

Here is a quote from the Moose FM 

It’s been confirmed that 50 residents have been evacuated after a fire broke out on Huckleberry Rock in Milford Bay today. Muskoka Lakes Mayor Alice Murphy says four township fire stations – Milford Bay, Minett, Port Carling and Windermere – have responded. The MNR is also assisting with a water bomber. Murphy says there’s no info yet on the cause of the brush fire. Motorists are being turned away from entering Milford Bay. Murphy says that if motorists have no need to travel Highway 118 West in the Milford Bay area it would be preferable to stay away. The response is being coordinated via a unified command between Muskoka Lakes Fire Department, the OPP and the MNR. Bracebridge OPP Inspector Ed Medved is at the scene.

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