Health Care Muskoka Gets High Rating

One of the many questions we considered pre life in Muskoka,  is health care.

We lived in Niagara on the Lake and used either the Niagara Falls or St Catharines  hospitals.    Over the years (hurt my self a lot playing) we frequented both.

Lorna on the other hand seems to favour Muskoka for damage and as suffered broken rips, broken toe and a dropped  Bar B Q tank  that all but severed her other big toe off .  The preceding and a few other issues all dealt with speed and support locally.  Today we have good family Muskoka doctor and dentist.    This is our personal experience and others may not have the same experience so make your own decisions!

The point here is:

A three-month survey, conducted from October 1 to December 31, 2011, indicated a 95.4% overall satisfaction
rate by acute care inpatients and a 91% overall satisfaction rate by Emergency Care patients at MAHC sites. The
provincial averages for Ontario community hospitals were 91.9% for Acute Care and 85% for Emergency Care.

Read the Report

MAHC web site






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