Dr. Michelle Palmer

Dr. Michelle Palmer gave a presentation last evening on how our lakes have changed over the last 25 years.    Her focus seemed to be on bugs ..that is…  invasive species and how the invasion is changing the composition of our lakes.    We need to listen to that.    Last year I posted such caution signs at the boat lauch ramp..but who reads that or even cares.

Spiny water flea  is a dangerous one. 

She also talked about acid rain and even thou it is greatly reduced it is still chemically involved with soil leaching.

Dr. Palmer told me she loves Brandy Lake and is going to send me all the tests ever done on this lake.     My files contain most of the results from 1976 and we will post them and any new ones I receive from Dr Palmer here in time.

It was enjoyable not the hear the same ol same ol doom and gloom  lecture.     She indicated that yes,  we have had some change in her 25 window but that is only a pin prick of the big picture but we still need to work at this.

During the question period she was asked many unrelated questions (what’s wrong with people) and honestly replied with “not my field”.  One question was asked if she extrapolated the time of death of our lakes from her 25 year study?   She answered in her scientific way….with the meaning ..25 years is a pin prick or even less folks…no…:)

A few local scientist spoke on the side as well – I was impressed with the depth these guys have from the environmental Dorset station.

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