Love Your Lake

This project will educate and engage shoreline property owners in steps they can take to become better shoreline stewards (be the next shoreline superhero) and improve the health of their lake. The project will deliver a comprehensive shoreline stewardship program in Ontario’s cottage country region consisting of shoreline property assessments, one-on-one meetings with landowners, and community workshops. The project will also collect information needed to assess the health of Ontario’s cottage country lakes. The program will be based on a successful pilot project that has been running for 3 years in collaboration with the Centre for Sustainable Watersheds as well as Lake Associations in the region.

Check it out  HERE

The  Muskoka Water Shed has a program going on and you can vote for their project on that page.

See below for MWS request.


Good morning!

The Muskoka Watershed Council is partnering with the District of Muskoka, the Centre for Sustainable Watersheds and the Canadian Wildlife Federation to undertake a property specific shoreline stewardship program over the next couple of years. We will be doing this in conjunction with several local lake ratepayer associations.

As part of the funding, the CWF has submitted a proposal to the Shell FuellingChange program. If we get enough votes we would receive $100,000 towards the project. Right now we are in second place, which puts us in a good position to get the money as the top two projects are funded. Please go to the website and vote for our project. Get your friends and family to vote also, as we can use all the support we can get!





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