Calling All Strong Folks Aug 23, at 11AM

An alert from Joe and Carol Clark  and the McLeod’s ……Huge log floating in the East  / South Bay..last bay before the bridge.

Judy Filman’s  family took their boat out and towed in a tree from the middle of the lake that measures 13 ” in diameter and 20 ft long – barely doable even with our boat and Rod tying it on.

WE NEED HELP Aug 23 AT 11 am from any and all available hands to try and beach this log – it is currently tied to our dockhouse but cannot stay there. Rod will bring his chainsaw on Labour Day to cut it up. Please lend a hand to remove this dangerous obstacle from the lake.

Gail Hammond’s family pulled out a smaller but as dangerous log last week from the East end close to the island.

Where are they coming from?


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