ARRRRG..Logs Removed

It was tough one.

Joe Clark gave us a call indicting he had spotted a monster log floating just under the surface in the East – South bay.   The thing was about 20′ long x 18″ D. He marked it with a white buoy but had to rush off.    We called Judy Filman and asked if her family could secure it to shore.   After an SOS for help..Gary Simmons, Rod Spellman from Judy’s camp and I looked over the situation and decide we could not pull it up on shore.   Gary went home and got a 45 gallon plastic drum.    Rod and I got in the water and lifted the log and tied the drum to it to keep it a float.   We then pulled the log to the boat ramp with Gary’s boat..reversed the program,,and Gary pulled it out with his truck.

Another log was found rolled back into the water in the East bay and Gary and I towed that to the ramp as well and out.   We will contact the town to see if they can remove them.

Couple more neighbours showed up the help and we tank them for that.

Another exciting day on Brandy Lake



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