Rodents…the other story…

Last season a particular slant on beavers was sent out.  Here is another perspective.  Have a read and form your own opinion….in case you missed the last few words…form your own opinion..

Linked, is an article from Doug Heal who owns Water Healer  and has been servicing residents since 1984 in water quality.   I copied his intro and linked his page with permission…

Some of the studies from the Experimental Lake north  . HERE.   Is a beaver dam pond the same as a small reservoir….not sure???? Form your own opinion.

Wikipedia describes the rodent beaver as:   Common rodents include mice, rats, squirrels, porcupines, beavers, guinea pigs, and hamsters.[1] Rodents have sharp incisors that they use to gnaw wood, break into food, and bite predators. Most rodents eat seeds or plants, though some have more varied diets.  Some species have historically been pests, eating seeds stored by people[3] and spreading disease.

Read Doug s Article …click…. Beaver Problems

Doug’s quote….It is so sad that adult Canadians have so little understanding of how much incredibly beautiful and unique habitats have been lost by allowing a big rat to destroy them by flooding. The snow shoe rabbit winter habitat in cedar swamps gone and the rabbits too. The same cedar swamps that purified the water that feeds our lakes. Woodcock, wilson’s snipe, many of Ontario’s wild orchids, Lobelia cardinalis the reddest flower on the planet. Most people have never seen one. Or how about Ladies Trusses orchid, so beautiful and gone.

How did we ever learn to walk upright when we understand so little of how the world around us works and to top it all off we worship a rat. The simple powers of observation can go along way to gaining understanding.


I am a certified water Specialist Level Vl. I was the second one in Canada to get this level of certification. I also have California State University Water treatment plant operations which includes very extensive coverage of watershed management. I have spent most of my life studying water and the world around it. I have built one lake and numerous ponds in my life. As well I had a fish farm for many years on a 500 acre track of land west of Rosseau. I got to see first hand the damage that beavers do. They destroyed a 70 acre cedar swamp on this property several years before I purchased it. I canoed thousands of miles through norther Ontario and again witness the destruction in our northern Boreal forests.

As a people we don’t deserve what we have.  We can’t deal with real issues so we try to blame every lake problem on the neighbours septic system. Septic systems are totally benign.

Doug Heal

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