Putting the Dock to Bed

Putting the Dock to Bed

Do I take my dock out?  Experts answer would be… do what the neighbours are doing.  If they have been there for some time and take their dock out, do the same.

Our place used rock cribs supporting a dock, decades ago, and the ice simply sheared it off in the melt.   So, they built some on the other shore and it sheared as well.   Today we simple un-bolt our floating docks from the shore, float it to the south bay and tie them to a tree for the winter.

Each shoreline is unique on Brandy Lake.  In the spring the water can cover almost 30’ more land in our bay compared to the summer.    We need to be careful the high water doesn’t lift and float what was thought to be secure on shore.   Simply dragging you dock to the water edge will not mean it is dry all winter.

Another consideration is the float material.   We use Dow foam billets for floats.   Maybe the plastic floats can be left in, not sure, but check with the manufacture.

Good luck..

Have a nice winter


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