When She Won’t Hold your Log..TIP

A little tip for those who cut wood on Brandy Lake

Or..how to make log cutting easier.   TIP!

Lorna used to help cut wood but lately I get..I’m making supper, I’m getting things together to make supper, I’m thinking about what to make for supper..it’s too cold!

So this took way too long to figure out.    I did the hold it with your foot, set it on a skid, borrowed the neighbours long cutting saw horse, bought the green thing from Princess Auto that hooks and rolls the long.    Everything was way too much work and killed my back.

I kept looking at my log splitter as I cut..what kind of clamp  or vice thing could I weld on to hold the log while I cut it?   Lorna tells me I usually start planning at the most difficult end and work backwards from there. And it finally hit me!

Geeez..why not just leave it running and hold the log with the cutting point?????  It worked!    You can do this simple trick with a rented wood splitter.  When we  get to the bigger logs I’ll have to go back to the green thing from PA.

Wood is nice to burn in our duel burn stove but you have to:

  1. Cut it
  2. Bring it to your yard
  3. Cut in short pieces
  4. Split it
  5. Stack it
  6. Carry it to the stove at -20

Even if we bought wood you still need to:

  1. Stack it
  2. Move it to the stove.

My splitter has plenty of room for the log to drop without hitting the oil filter or motor etc…check you machine for danger situations if you try this.   You don’t want to bust an oil line with the motor running.

Easy Fix

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