Fantastic Winter

Hope we can get back into the swing of things soon.   We have been involved in snowcross and the snowcross racing web site all winter.    The last event was the last weekend in March.   It has not been updated since the race last weekend.

Wow..what a winter..we started off slow but the cold was relentless once it got going.  The snow and frozen lakes played host to plenty of  avid outdoor sportsman.    A large number of contractors  use the ice lake roads to transport product to island work sites.  The last Thursday in March we saw a pick-up truck head out on the lake.  YIKES!!!

For me..I’ll just watch….I just don’t trust the ice.   One of the cottagers informed us he had cut a hole in the ice near shore (the place where ice starts to melt) and reported it was still about 30 cm thick.

We enjoy the winters on Brandy Lake in Muskoka.    The only light we see at night is from the vast number of stars and the moon.    OK..we have the odd car cross over the 118 bridge..but LW  likes to judge the road conditions based on the speed of the cars.   The only sound is from the wind and well OK the odd sled wails Brandy Lake is part of the huge trail system in Muskoka.

We will try to keep the site updated more often..oh..please email me with the spelling errors from above.      Picture taken..April 2 2013

Brandy Lake April 2 2013

Brandy Lake April 2 2013

IMG_2831_0769 IMG_2833_0771 IMG_2834_0772


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