Yes..we have ice again this morning… Brandy Lake in Muskoka April 11 2013

Many factors determine ice out..take a look at this example page Safe Kids Canada  some of the copy is below.

Many factors affect ice thickness including: type of water, location, the time of year and other environmental factors such as:

  • water depth and size of body of water
  • currents, tides and other moving water
  • chemicals including salt
  • fluctuations in water levels
  • logs, rocks and docks absorbing heat from the sun
  • changing air temperature
  • shock waves from vehicles traveling on the ice

Ice colour

The colour of ice may be an indication of its strength :

  • clear blue ice is strongest
  • white opaque or snow ice is half as strong as blue ice. Opaque ice is formed by wet snow freezing on the ice
  • grey ice is unsafe, the grayness indicates the presence of water

Did you know ice thickness should be

  • 15 cm (6 inches) for walking or skating alone
  • 20 cm (8 inches) for skating parties or games
  • 25 cm (10 inches) for snowmobiles




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