Spring Thaw…

Nice spring thunderstorm yesterday…nicely flushed any residue off our roof..if there was some.

As usual the lake level is up and those of us not living on cliffs are watching….this is a normal occurrence and it normally recedes quickly.

How much….well…we are a low lying property and I’m estimating the level is up about 35  feet  on our low lying property or about 10 m +/-.   It is interesting to watch it pulsate in the narrow areas.   It moves a good 1.5 m up then back..up then back. yet there is no wind or waves.   Vertically..I’m not sure..  It seems just above normal…but not much…so far.

I’m highly suspicious that the flow under the bridge,  may be slightly impeded, as some individuals spent several hours one night during the fall loading rocks into the area.    We had the ministry look at the situation and he indicated this had been tried once before…and it was cleaned out.   They do not have the budget to fix it at this time.   He also stated the random filling of rocks would not  block the flow, however will it slow the flow out?   The ministry have given us permission to remove the rocks at our expense and time and I have mentioned that to the lake association.

Besides possible flooding , the rocks have prevented many of us from canoeing down one of the best kept secret wild life and aquatic park like settings in Muskoka.   The outlet is full of activity if you move slow and quite and just look!









One thought on “Spring Thaw…

  1. This is the highest that I’ve seen the water in the 14 years we have been on the lake. Our boathouse deck is now under water, which is a first! The 4 pipes on Falkenberg are all flowing and Jim said this morning the water is now almost at the top of the pipes.

    Natalie Cormack

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