Rolin Rolin….

Don’t go near the river..(if you are old you get it)

We heard an old familiar sound this morning so I thought we better investigate.    In the early morning hours when things are quiet..we could hear Niagara Falls from our home in St David’s.   Wandering around outside just before seven today in Muskoka…. I could hear the similar roar of the Brandy Creek falls.. most are aware Brandy Lake is head water lake and gets its water from about a 40x’s  water shed  +/-.    So..we draw from water in or on the ground and streams from here to Bracebridge and beyond.    We are not in the flow of other lakes.    The major inlet is located in the N/E bay.    Several major culverts are under Falkenburg Road  allowing our water source to flow eventually into Brandy Lake.   Anyway..the waterfall in the picture usually flows lightly  most of the summer except in extremely dry seasons.     As you can see from the picture it is very intense today  April 21 2013.     It seems the outlet is flowing  as you can see some rapids in the narrows.

Look to the right in the pictures to see more inlet water.

IMG_2861_0814 IMG_2863_0816 IMG_2864_0817 IMG_2865_0818 IMG_2867_0820






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