Inviting the ice is officially out on Brandy Lake as of April 24 2013.  My prediction was only off by two weeks.  We had the last little bit of an ice patch ping ponging from shore to shore most of yesterday in the E/S bay.    I haven’t had a look at the west end of Brandy Lake and hope I’m not making this statement too soon.

Watching the sun rise ….it looked to be an inviting water ski day with the lake dead calm, chipmunks chasing and ducks feeding near shore..but then I had to be careful walking down my ramp on the west side as the snow and ice layer had not melted yet.   Come on..its April 25…give me warm!

The water is dropping very fast  heading to its natural level.   It has receded a good 20 feet or 6 meters on our flat lake property since my last posting .    The Brandy Creek falls is still a torrent..but water maybe slowed by ice inland or something preventing volumes of water getting to the lake.???

Plan for a lake friendly water front this summer..




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