MLA on Water level

As most of you are aware..the Brandy Lake water level is moving down very fast since my last report.

Below is a recent report from the MLA on the larger lakes.

As of Wednesday, May 1, 2013, flood conditions in Muskoka have stabilized.

  • Lake Joseph and Lake Rosseau remain stable, with water levels relatively unchanged in recent days.
  • Water levels in both the north and south branches of the Muskoka River, which empty in to Lake Muskoka at Bracebridge, continue to slowly decline.
  • Lake Muskoka crested on Sunday, April 28 and the Ministry of Natural Resources (MNR) expects water levels to continue a slow decline.
  • Water flowing from Lake Muskoka in to the Moon River also peaked on Sunday and has begun to slowly decline.

The Muskoka Lakes Association has appointed an Issues Management committee comprised of representatives from our Environment and Water Quality, Political and Land Use and Communications and Marketing committees.  This committee is gathering facts from the MNR and local government officials and will keep members apprised as information becomes available. The committee is also working with officials and partner associations to request a joint meeting with senior officials at the Ministry of Natural Resources.

Our major concerns in the short-term are water safety, boating safety and property damage.

Water safety

The MLA and local officials urge residents to exercise caution around lakes, rivers and streams.  Many Muskoka water bodies have exceeded full bank conditions.  In certain streams and rivers, water remains extremely fast moving.  Please exercise extreme caution around the water.

Boating safety

The MLA and local officials recommend that residents stay off Lake Muskoka, the Muskoka River and the Moon River in the short-term. There is considerable debris floating on or just below the surface of the water, including full docks, furniture, deadheads and small watercraft that have floated off shorelines or out of boathouses.

In the rivers and some channels, water is flowing at a very high speed, making steerage difficult.  In addition, fixed objects such as docks and large rock formations or shoals that are normally visible, are totally submerged.

Even at low speed, a collision with floating debris or a submerged rock can cause serious damage or cause a boat to sink. The water is extremely cold; without the protection of a wet or dry suit, hypothermia will set in within minutes of entering the water.

Given the high water levels, boat wake will exacerbate structural damage and further erode our shorelines. If you must venture out on the water to check on a water-access property, the MLA asks that you respect your neighbours and be mindful of your wake.  Please exercise extreme caution on the water.

Property loss

The MLA and local officials anticipate there will be significant damage to personal property throughout Muskoka, particularly on the Muskoka River, Moon River and Lake Muskoka.

To help answer the many insurance-related questions we have already received, the MLA has enlisted the help of the association’s new preferred insurance provider, Martin Merry & Reid.

Members can expect to receive a text version of the MLA’s flood Q&A session with David Browne, president, Martin Merry & Reid, later today.

Note: The MLA selected Martin Merry & Reid as the association’s preferred insurance broker for members following rigorous review process this winter.  While we plan a more formal announcement of this arrangement later in the spring, we felt it was important to provide David’s valuable and timely advice prior to making a formal introduction.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact the MLA office at 705-765-5723.

Muskoka Lakes Association

Thank you to  the Wateroffice                Below is 


LAKE MUSKOKA AT BEAUMARIS - Primary water level

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