NO Daytime Burning Except…

We have had some requests for fire regulations.   Please see below for more details ..or go to the link HERE

NO Daytime Burning per Bracebridge Fire Department

All Fires

Must not be any larger than 2 metres (6.5 ft) in diameter or height.

Must not be closer than 2 metres (6.5 ft) to flammable materials.

Must not be closer than 5 metres (16.5 ft) to any forest, woodlot or structure.

Setting or permitting a fire of any type during periods of dry conditions, drought, or high winds or when a prohibition against open burning bas been declared by the Chief Fire Official or his designate is strictly prohibited.

Setting or permitting a fire to burn that causes (through sparks, smoke or unpleasant odour) discomfort, irritation, nuisance or danger to any person residing in the general area of the fire is strictly prohibited.


Campfires for cooking or warmth purposes are permitted throughout the year in all four fire zones at any time of the day or night. Under no circumstances may camp fires be used as a method of burning yard waste (leaves, pine needles, grass or green wood).

Campfires must be fuelled by dry wood only and must be supervised at all times.

There must be an adequate supply of both tools and water for all campfires.

The tools and water must not be removed until such time as the fire has been completely extinguished.

Campfires for warmth and cooking are not permitted when a fire ban has been declared.

Slash Pile Fires

A slash pile involves the burning of natural materials such as brush, trees, yard waste and vegetation (other than grass) including leaves.

Slash pile fires are only permitted in fire zones 2, 3 and 4 (rural areas) between the period of November 1st and March 31st only.

No slash pile fires are permitted between the period of April 1st to October 31st.

As with campfires, slash pile fires must be supervised at all times and there must be an immediate accessible and adequate supply of tools and water available to extinguish the fire if necessary.

 As of May 29th.  You must check daily for changes.

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