Shoreline Stewardship Program.

Hello..Doug Swant passed on this link..looks interesting

Other programs are in October and November


Muskoka Conservancy is proud to announce the launch of the Shoreline Stewardship Program.  This program is being run in collaboration the Muskoka Lakes Association and is funded for two years with a $113,000 grant from the Ontario Trillium Foundation.

The program, which launched in August, is creating community-wide awareness of water quality issues and shoreline management options.

One of the  major components of the program are the landowner Shoreline Stewardship Workshops. The first workshops of the program will be happening in Muskoka this fall and are listed below.

If you are part of a club, lake association or cottage group and would be interested in having a Shoreline Stewarsdship talk for your organization, please contact Kristie Virgoe at 705-645-7393 ext 204 or email

Read full article about Erosion and Geese HERE


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