Nursing Station Port Carling Muskoka

Please see the two attached pdf files..Honourable Minister Deb Matthews –    SLCO Honourable Minister Deb Matthews

We have received an email from the Township of Muskoka Lakes, asking lake associations to encourage their members to submit, to the Ontario Minister of Health, letters or emails indicating their support for the District of Muskoka’s Health Care Proposal for all of Muskoka. Please note this proposal is not just about the well-known proposed nursing station in Port Carling, but potentially includes other nursing stations throughout the District of Muskoka (there are as yet none in the DIstrict of Muskoka).

We believe that these nursing stations will be a cost-effective way of improving the delivery of health care to both permanent and seasonal residents. The original sample letter of support by Donna Kearney is attached (Honourable Minister Deb Mathews.docx) along with a stripped-down version that may be more easily used and modified to suit both permanent and seasonal residents of the Township of Muskoka Lakes and the Town of Huntsville (Honourable Minister Deb Mathews – SLCO.docx).

A letter in your own words may be the most effective option. Believing that this is a matter of importance to all our members, we encourage you to send a letter or email of support to the Ontario Minister of Health. Sent on behalf of the board of the Brandy Lake Association

Johanna Geuzebroek

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