Brandy Lake Social 2014

Thanks to the Tell family and the use of their cottage for once again hosting a very successful Brandy Lake Social.  Lorna and I didn’t make it…but from from the mass of positive emails it was once again a great success.

Note:” The ipad was retrieved.

Linda Mathers wrote…

Great social all!  Thanks Daniela for  your organizational investment in making this a go.  It was a great success once again.  I also appreciate the 50/50 ticket masters who sold so many tickets in advance of my late arrival. Thank you Johanna and Donna. Much appreciated. We raised about $142 for the Nursing Station , up about $25 from last year. Adam’s colleague, Chili was the winner. He also spent the most $$$$ on tickets so everybody is a winner. Tania Heintzman won the Segwun tickets.  Here’s to another successful social in the books. Only leftovers appear to be a few dishes and an ipad.  Someone will no doubt come forward for that one! Enjoy the rest of your weekend.



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