Our category bar lacks a WILDLIFE section.    We have a recent post directed  to this category. So here it is.

In case anyone likes to keep track of wildlife in our watershed, today we saw two sandhill cranes on their early migration back down south, now confirmed by Kevin’s bird expert. We saw them on the Beatrice Townline on the eastern edge of the Brandy Lake watershed….Kevin and Moreen

Feel free to send new photos of local interesting wildlife activity.  Some examples below

My place has an open water aquarium and the local Great Blue Heron ( may be wrong with the I.D.) often meanders from our South natural bay, where it hangs out,  to our fish pond and grabs the odd delicacy.

Our dock and water line is a haven for the lake health indicator …Bryozoans however not so much on the dock this year.  Not really related but it is  a living thing.



Then we have the deer in the winter…



Then the assistant inspector..ever mindful of the senior inspector coming along behind..




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