Donate It..Don’t dump or take home

Donate your summer leftovers!

Tired of packing up your non-perishables and carting them back to the city? Consider donating your canned and boxed food to a local food bank.

The Muskoka Lakes Association, in partnership with Oliver’s Coffee Houses in Muskoka, is encouraging cottagers who typically take their non-perishables home at the end of the season, to instead, donate them to local food banks.

Wendy Cameron, of the Manna Food Bank says, “708 families utilized the food bank last year, and this August saw an increase of 23% compared to last year, which is highly unusual. Local families are still reeling from increased propane and hydro costs made worse by the long and bitterly cold winter.”

From Friday, October 10 through Monday, October 14, Oliver’s Coffee Houses in Bala, Bracebridge, Gravenhurst and Port Carling will be collecting donations which the MLA will then deliver to local food banks.

Your support of the Muskoka community is appreciated.


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