Adam Thanks Muskoka Lakes Fire Department

Message from Adam to the Fire Department Of Muskoka Lakes

Dear Mr. Hayes and Mr. Baranik (Fire Department of Muskoka Lakes)

Monday evening, you and over 15 of your fellow firemen responded to a fire at my cottage on Brandy Lake as it was ignited by what we believe was a lightning strike.

I was in Los Angles at the time.

But my distance from the scene does not in any way minimize my enormous appreciation for all your efforts to not only prevent the fire from spreading but for bravely ensuring no damage to the surrounding trees and beauty of Brandy Lake.

Thank you and every volunteer firefighter for doing what you do.

I am humbled in so many ways by this experience and grateful to know that you fought this fire as if it was your own home burning.  That commitment, courage and unconditional compassion is what makes you all so heroic.  And it’s not lost on me.

To those who entered the building while still burning to save my personal items; thank you.  And to every man and woman who comforted my neighbours and ensured the safety of our street, thank you.

You personify all those things that are limitless in scope until something like this happens to you.  And now I realize how amazing you are, how fearless and how truly courageous you are.

And for that, I am both humbled and in awe.

So, from my family to all of yours, a heartfelt thanks to the two fire departments and many people who responded to this disaster.  I’d give you all a huge hug if I could but instead would like to make a donation to the appropriate organization to symbolize my collective appreciation.  Please let me know where to do so.

Please know that while I mourn the loss of my cottage and its possessions, I am comforted no one was hurt and no other property was damaged.

I hope to have you all over for a bbq one day, but I think will stick to sandwiches and beer as it’s so much safer!

Yours sincerely,

Adam Ivers

Contact Adam below



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