Adam requested we post his words on his experience.


Dear Brandy Lake friends and neighbours, 

On Monday evening, my cottage on Phyllimar Lane was hit directly or indirectly by lightning causing a massive structural fire and irreparable damage to it.

No one was home.

No one was hurt.

Thank God.

I was alerted to the matter by my security system as well by Gary Simmons who graciously tracked down my partner, Kerry, who was in Toronto. At the time, I was in Los Angeles on a business trip.

What I am about to say is not to preach but rather to caution you.

Nothing I could have done would have prevented the devastation to my home and personal effects.

I was meticulous in the care and operation of the cottage. Smoke detectors, heat sensors and the alarm system was monitored 24/7.

Grounds were well groomed, lights were off as were appliances.  Our home was loved and cared for just as it was by its previous owner, the Cronmillers.

PLEASE check your smoke detectors. Please do it often.

Safety never takes a holiday. Know that.

Nothing prepared me for the devastation I walked through today. My dreams shattered and my kids’ hearts broken by our loss.

Check your insurance policies. Bump up your coverage – trust me. My insurance company has been compassionate and exceptional to deal with. Don’t be penny wise and pound foolish.

And have a plan should something like this happen. Give your neighbours your cell numbers and vice versa.

Brandy Lake is my happy place. I mourn our loss deeply and I find comfort in knowing no one was hurt and no one else’s property was damaged. I humbly apologize to my neighbours for what they went through Monday evening and what they will go through as the smell of burnt embers lingers.

Please be extra careful with your Bbq dinners, fire pits, fireplaces and candles. And when lightning strikes, beware of the eery silence. No one saw or heard the bolt that struck my cottage but its indelible impression will never be erased from my mind.

Thank you for your support, compassion and friendship. And know we have some of the best volunteer fire fighters anyone could ask for.

Not sure what my plans are but that is only because I don’t know what to do next. I miss my cottage already….

Yours truly,

Adam Ivers

Adam Fire 2