Turtle Brandy Lake

Charlie and Tania Heintzman sent us a turtle picture catching some rays on their rock shore..I believe a snapping model.    They can live 70 years..this one looks up there..

Approximately 90 percent of their diet consists of dead animal and plant matter, and this species plays an important role in keeping lakes and wetlands clean.

In water, the snapping turtle rarely snaps at people or other potential threats and will simply swim away if threatened.

Over the past year’s the ministry has placed fake turtles on paved roads and boulevards..observed from a hidden location..and discovered a percentage of motorist went out of their way to hit one.

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3 thoughts on “Turtle Brandy Lake

  1. We have a Snapping Turtle who has been a regular around our cottage for years, and we are at the west end of the lake. We have seen him/her several times already this year.


  2. My husband just “met” him hiding under our dock this afternoon! He was simply staring up at him while my husband talked to me. He looked down and saw him looking right up at him and threw him for a loop – or should I say it caused him to flip himself out of the kayak. The turtle just swam away unperturbed while we laughed at my husband’s reaction.


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