Muskoka Water Shed

Public Meeting at the Port Carling Library

 Thursday, July 30, 2015         4 PM – 5 PM

 Survey of Community Expectations 

The Community Expectations project aims to learn about what both permanent and seasonal residents of Muskoka expect this area to be like at mid-century.  Muskoka Watershed Council (MWC) anticipates potential differences between what residents would like and what they expect in Muskoka, between now and in the future. 

MWC is also evaluating scientific data on anticipated climate change impacts and potential development pressures to create scenarios of what Muskoka may be like by 2050.  Considering major factors such as real estate demands, economic fluctuations, technological advances and a changing climate, what will the next thirty-five years bring to Muskoka?

MWC will review your input and, with your ideas, will develop possible steps for us all to realize the best future for Muskoka.

Permanent Residents and Lake Association Members Welcome

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