Rollin…rollin..rollin on the river

keep on burnin..down the Brandy Lake Creek..

Yes,,,, it can still be done..for an adventure tour..Like his father did and many others before…Ian and Anita canoed to Lake Muskoka from Brandy Lake..when they popped out on Muskoka..a near-by resident..said “hey…where did you come from”? A good Laugh

They spotted an abundance of life from huge sunning a multitude of bird types and more.

Ian is an excellent athlete and would not recommend the trip unless you had proven good health and strength.  The rapids are the tricky part (Ian has white water survival training..) you need to be in good shape to get back..this is a warning..  Portaging the dam was tricky..

I have to say all this extra safety stuff these some unaware inexperienced person won’t attempt the trip….DON”T ….you could die!!

Brandy Lake Creek

3 thoughts on “Rollin…rollin..rollin on the river

  1. 3 dads – Scott and Mike on SUP’s and Rod (in a canoe with 9 year old Keaghan) all made the same voyage out into Lake Muskoka on Saturday! Just wear shoes and watch out for poison ivy!


  2. I always wondered about doing this but assumed any portaging required crossing private property which people might not appreciate. I am surprised to learn there is any white water to navigate between Brandy and Muskoka Lakes.

    Date: Tue, 7 Jul 2015 00:38:53 +0000 To:


    • Good point William….I agree..however..we only portage across the rodent dam..there is only one.

      You may have read the Filmans went down on Saturday.

      White water..maybe a bit of an overstatement as well..LOL…there is a section of rapids between a rock cut.
      You may have to drag the canoe back thru that section.

      Brandy Lake is a headwater we get our water from a water-shed about 40 times the size of the lake.
      Our lake has constant flow into Lake Muskoka. This flush is one of many things that keeps a lake healthy.
      You will find more flush info on the MLA website if you are interested.

      Maybe I’ll post some pictures of the inlet stream..another good trip..however very difficult.


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