Muskoka Food Drive

How fortunate we are to live in Muskoka, whether seasonally or year-round. But while we enjoy steaks and grilled corn from the BBQ, hundreds of people in Muskoka struggle to put dinner on the table and are often forced to turn to local food banks to feed their families throughout the year.

That’s why, for the third year in a row, the MLA encourages you to donate your non-perishable food items at the end of the season, rather than hauling them home when you close the cottage.

Food drive POSTER

This year donations will go the West Muskoka Food Bank, which was established four years ago and serves more and more families every year. Located in Glen Orchard, they not only provide non-perishable foods, but also fresh vegetables from their own garden. And we’re making it even easier for you to contribute thanks to the generosity of 12 local marinas and Oliver’s Coffee Houses throughout Muskoka who will gladly accept your donations from Labour Day through the Thanksgiving weekend.

So drop off your canned, packaged or bottled goods at any of the following locations:

  • Allport Marina
  • Bala Cove Marina (who will match the value of donations up to $500)
  • Campbell’s Landing
  • Gordon Bay Marine
  • Indianhead Harbour Marina
  • Muskoka Lakes Marine
  • Muskoka Lakes Golf & Country Club
  • The Boatworks of Port Carling
  • Pride Marine Group (Rosseau, Muskoka & Muskoka West)
  • Seguin Marina
  • SWS Marine
  • Terry Johnson’s Hamer Bay Marine
  • Walkers Point Marina
  • Oliver’s Coffee Houses in Bracebridge (Manitoba Street), Gravenhurst, Bala or Port Carling

(Drop off bins will be located inside the above locations and are accessible during business hours.)

If we’ve missed you, or none of these locations are convenient, we will also accept donations at our office in Port Carling upstairs at 65 Joseph Street, or we will happily forward your cash or cheque on your behalf.

Not sure what to donate? The West Muskoka Food Bank offers these tips:

  1. Canned, tinned and dried foods with a long use-by date are most valued.
  2. People don’t always have can openers, so cans with pull-tabs are very handy.
  3. Other basic products such as cereal, coffee, tea and toiletries (soap, detergent, toilet paper, etc.) are also needed.
  4. Smaller packages are easier to distribute.
  5. Good quality boxes and bags come in very handy.
  6. Unopened products only please.

Your donation is appreciated.

2720_Donate-Food (1)


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