MLA Newsletter

Thought we would share the MLA newsletter sent to us by Lisa Noonan GM.    We have fixed the web site and can focus on our own humble newsletter.  A new cell phone format may make it more compatible with some.

Now that winter seems to finally have arrived in Muskoka after a warm start, we thought a look at some winter activities in Muskoka would get you in the spirit of Winter in Muskoka.

The newest issue of ShoreLines can be found here

Read about snowmobiling and skiing in Muskoka as well as an introduction to the new winter skating park in Bracebridge.  We’re also announcing the winners of both our annual photo contest and our membership renewal contest.  This year was the best yet for entries in both contests.

Many are already looking forward to summer sports, and so we’re introducing you to a Muskoka invention.  The wee skiff, was designed by an MLA member to help young children learn and enjoy the sport of rowing, especially at the annual MLA Aquatic Regatta.

We certainly hope you enjoy this issue and we can’t wait to share with you again in the spring issue, due out in early May.


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