Muskoka Flood Watch 2016

We recently received a high water update from Lisa Noonan MLA General Manager:

Brandy Lake has receded almost 1 M

While some of you are not seeing the same issues on your lakes, the updated MNRF notice may be of interest to you.

Dear Member,

A quick update on water levels.  Basically, the latest MNRF advice is that water levels and flows are still increasing in some areas (see latest MNRF release here).  The weather over the next few days will be a critical element.

There are numerous reports of severe damage to boathouses due to a combination of high water levels, wind and floating ice.  As well, we have reports of missing rafts, boats, etc. We’ve included below some images of some of the damages that we’ve received. You can even find a video link to the MLA Presidents dock on Lake Muskoka south of Pride Marine right now here and here.

Given dock heights range in height, we are getting reports of 6-11” over Lake Muskoka docks. Rosseau and Joseph are also over many docks however not as significant today. The water level now is approximately 4.7″ lower than the peak during the Spring 2013 flooding measured at Beaumaris on Lake Muskoka. The difference this time is the ice.  Many bays still have a fair amount of ice in them and it is the windblown ice causing damage.

If you have not done so already, you may want to try to arrange to have someone check on your property in case some action needs to be taken to reduce loss or avoid damage.  We will keep you updated as material changes become known.

If your property has damage, know that our hearts are with you!

We will continue our efforts with MNRF and others to find a way to avoid  this terrible property and shoreline destruction in future years.


2016 Flood












2016 Flood 2









2016 Flood 3

2016 Flood 1

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