Fireworks, Fires and Bears

Recently received this update from:

Lisa Noonan  General Manager Muskoka Lakes Association

Leading up to the long weekend we thought we would let you know about the current fire ratings in Muskoka.

Fire ratings in Gravenhurst, Bracebridge and Township of Muskoka Lakes are now at high.  The Township of Seguin’s rating is set to Extreme.  Unfortunately, this means that fireworks will not be permitted this weekend in any of those areas.  Campfires are allowed when the rating is set at High as it is in Gravenhurst, Bracebridge and Township of Muskoka Lakes.  Campfires are not allowed in Seguin as their rating is set to Extreme.

For the current fire safety ratings in the District of Muskoka, please call 1-705-687-8977 or toll free at 1-877-847-1577, or visit the Forest Fire Danger Rating map for Ontario.

In addition:

Daniela received a call from Steve Fitz Morris,  he lives at Falkenberg and Hewlett,  that there is a bear roaming around and that the animal was at Butler at the Evans cottage.

Bears have also been spotted on Brandy Crest Road



3 comments on “Fireworks, Fires and Bears

  1. Thanks Bob for passing this along. I found out late today that I was given partially incorrect information from TML fire Dept. Fireworks are allowed in bracebridge and Gravenhurst but not TML or Seguin. I’m away tonight but will be sending out a correction tomorrow afternoon.

    Sorry about that.


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  2. I saw a small bear cub crossing 118 from lake to woods at the last cottage east of Brakenrig Road about 2 weeks ago.

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