Hobie Tandem Island Sailing Kayak For Sale

Hobie Tandem Island Sailing Kayak

Only Hobie could imagine this boat – a peddling, paddling, sailing, trimaran kayak.  Powered by the Mirage-Drive pedal system when the wind dies and you don’t feel like reaching for the paddles.  The roller-furling sail is always ready when there is a breeze.  The Tandem Island sails in the lightest gusts, and loves to lift one ama clear of the water on a 15+ kt breeze.  Can be operated entirely from fore or aft seat, or you can share duties.  You can add the optional trampolines and take the whole family out!

Photo with the sail out is a stock Hobie one, other one is my boat.

This boat is five years old, so the powder black finish on the akas (ama arms) has long since gone (shiny aluminum is good), but otherwise it has been lightly used and is in excellent condition.  Now at its home on Brandy Lake, near Port Carling, Muskoka, it needs someone new to sail with.  Offered complete with 2 paddles, 2 drives, 1 cassette plug so your lazy partner does not get wet with the Mirage-drive removed, some spare parts for drives, and the useless, but required by law, boat safety kit from Canadian Tire.  Price $3600.00.  Contact me at: Sale@uwindsor.ca

Also posted on Muskoka Stuff  For Sale  Facebook

tandem island near dock IMG_6093 croppedtandem-islands-action-29-full_jpg_resize__generated

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