Spring Thaw

Well almost.

Just over a week ago the ice was a about 18″ thick however this week it is melting around the shore line.   Don’t kid yourself with how it looks… ..you will probably (will)  drown if you ventured out.

We didn’t have the usual high water in the fall..however the town cleaned out the dams under Falkenburg Road and that got some water in for our flush in the fall..   Today…we haven’t reached our average high spring level but it seems to be coming up, fast.   Brandy Lake is a head water lake so our level is not controlled the same way as the big lakes in Muskoka.

We had plenty of snowmobiles, deer, skiers, snowshoeing and walking on the lake this winter

We won’t have full newsletter this spring.  So…

Here is a report from our president:

BLA Spring News Letter 2017

A Report From our Treasure:

Brandy Lake Treasurer’s report Dec 2016

Love Your Lakes Program (in the works) 

Love Your Lakes Program for 2017.

And last ..a spring picture from Moira Innes 









3 comments on “Spring Thaw

  1. We are on scout trail point..can anyone tell me on Thursday this week what the ice looks like in the scout trail bay (municipal dock). I would like to open up Friday but if the ice is a foot thick it will be tough to pull the pump out and put it back in……thanks so much! Fraser Smith.

    • It seems to be different levels of melt….in the West bay north side a friend cut thru the ice to free up his dock ..it was 12″
      We (east end facing 118) have about 3 meters of open water before ice
      The other day a guy was out ice fishing??????????????close to me…

      • Thanks. With temp at 6 or 7 this week would like to know if ice close to shore is open. I have to pull the line for about 10 seconds to turn a valve on the submersible off the big cliff on the south side of the municipal dock bay. Early this year I know….

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