COPY from MLA  below..

We are caring and cleaning whats left of our  outlet Bafflers but hard to keep up with this massive amount of rainfall.. one rain here seems to have the potential of increasing the level vertically about 5″ this last one and previous 14″.  This also stores a lot of ground water that needs to bleed off..

For some of us that relates to 6 to 12 feet up our shore.  Many trees, the lakes last line of defence , have been under water for 5 months.   Boat houses are barely out of the water  if not under or inaccessible.

Here is a partial statement from MNRF

Earlier today the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry (MNF) issued a
Watershed Conditions Statement -Water Safety for Muskoka.   High water
levels and flow conditions are expected following the precipitation events
that have moved through the area.

Please keep a close watch on conditions and check regularly for updates.
Exercise caution around water bodies as flows and levels remain high.
MNRF also advises extreme caution on forest roads as some are inundated
with water, prone to washouts or impassible.

The full statement from MNRF can be found here.

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