Happy Spring

See the link to the MLA / Beacon (down below) water tests results for last year.

Brandy Lake is on page A69 and A70.

More words on Brandy bottom of Pg. 1  top of Pg.2 …Somewhat of an explanation bottom of Pg 8….I think..however I am not a scientist?   Beacon did a nice job of detailing information.

Our group of 3 or 4  start testing on Brandy Lake soon.   We do Phosphorous..DOC …clarity..e coli and bacteria throughout the summer.   Samples are retrieved from about 10 locations around the lake.   The samples are then plated and left for 24 hours  under controlled environment and heat ..After that time we observe the results record and submit to the MLA.   We further do phosphorous samples for the lab in Dorset.   The samples are gathered packaged and mailed to the office.