Fowler Water Survey

On a quest to further keep track of Brandy Lake we need to thank BLA board member Moreen Miller President of Fowler for donating some survey time to help Brandy Lake Association.   The survey was completed about a month ago with the water just below the tree line.   The cost would have been in the thousands for sure.

The measuring base line start was at the 118 bridge…(Outlet Bay) and continued with pings every meter down the river to the beaver dam.  I think the measuring was also taken at the Muskoka Lake entrance

Further measuring was taken top and bottom of the existing “beaver baffler pipe” to ensure the new pipe is placed in the same location per MNRF instructions.

The pipe picture is the original install, I was involved with…about 15 years ago

And a picture of Moreens crew at work.



2 thoughts on “Fowler Water Survey

  1. Wondering if anyone knows why the lake water level is so high. There have been rains like this in the past at this time of year but lake levels did not rise this high. I am concerned about the potential for very high water this fall. Would it have anything to do with the baffle?


    • Thank you for the question Maria. Our web site “hits” sky-rocked yesterday and I assume its cottagers looking for the same answer as you. Fowler is also installing the new beaver baffler drain pipe and to the best of my knowledge several things have to align and then it will be done.


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