Chipmunk ..Help

Who doesn’t like to feed cute little chipmunks?


So easy to train.. ..with so much trust.     BUT...The Heintzmans from Brandy Lake brought this to my attention … peanuts in the shell will rot in several months.     Poor little buggers go to eat the saved nuts middle of winter and all the food has gone bad.   They die.

I further googled this and sure ..usual they are right.

So….I have switched them to bird seed in a bowl..,  fruits ..raisins and sun flower seeds.

But..they ain’t happy ..they want peanuts…

Other pets here are :

Stubby ..the squirrel with no tail eats peanuts on the spot

Blue ..the BlueJay who steals peanuts from Stubby if he doesn’t get them fast enough. Every time Blue sees me walk by he starts nattering.  Once he came into garage….he was so angry.

Chip..I think we have 3 loyal Chipmunks





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