A…Happy Brandy Lake


I’m sure the recent article on a major site in Muskoka about …checking for elevated levels of bacteria…in general..may have some concerned.   I don’t think one has to worry…. as explained below.

I was involved with testing for bacteria levels on Brandy Lake for over a decade   but…quit last year when “water”  meetings  were held  …without …. myself and test partner.

Bacteria  gets in the water from several sources.   You have all read how important a shoreline buffer can be.    Trees etc.  Well..guess what….its true.    After a heavy rain event (let me be clear …..I don’t recall ever having a red alert) the levels of bacteria were the lowest in locations with the most trees and shoreline buffer and more bacteria in elevated cleared locations..

At one time ….next day after a heavy rain event  we did  tests on the higher bacteria level spots ..and all was back to normal levels around the lake.

2nd.…this 1st sector is long so next time…From my many decades of  being on Brandy Lake  in one way or another…seems to me…Brandy Lake is very happy!

Many  of my tests are online..but you can check out your Bacteria Levels on page A 72 – 73 from last years testers.

Lets be clear ..I’m not a scientist or perceived scientist..these are my..seat of the pants..comments.



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