Crappie… CRAP

It is possible others have seen the new “Crappie” fish to invade Brandy Lake….I saw my first one yesterday May 17 out front…hooked by a proud fisherman..

To looked like a Sunfish on steroids.   It is considered an invasive species as it reproduces quickly and compete with walleye for food. They are voracious eaters.

Get this ..the MNR , in about 2012 stocked three lakes in Muskoka .namely…Prospect Lake, near Vankoughnet, and Morrison and Muldrew lakes in Gravenhurst.  Why did they……to improve the fish eco fisherman more types fish to catch in winter???

I think the last thing that messed up this area..was when they  dumped zillions of huge black looking flies to eat the caterpillars…that was a great summer..waves of flies so big almost knocked us off our docks!

So this is my personal opinion …WHAT WERE THEY THINKING… can’t change one thing in nature (or racing) with out affecting another.    Our poor Walleye (and ducks) have already been heavily impacted by vicious Pike.. ..

Pike were introduced in about the last two decades..,,(most likely bait release)

So…Crappie will be under your docks and dark places usually in big schools.   They taste good catch lots of the 25 CM thieves .

Invasive Species

Black Crappie

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