Back To School

Hoping for a “Safe Time” to the parents and kids as we head into this overwhelming  unknown window of getting back to school.

I wear an N95 mask in my garage when in high dust activities…so granted, cloth has less restriction ..but to wear for one hour ish was hard.   N95 has a metal nose clamp..but even with that glasses fogged up….

Feel free to add your stories.

Stay Safe


Do I understand that people have anxiety about this return to school? Absolutely. But we are no longer in March and April when things were out of control and people didn’t know this virus as well as they do now. So I don’t understand the scaremongering going on by the teachers’ unions, their outright dishonesty on the Sick Kids report and their constant need to pick a fight.

We’re all in this together, so let’s work together to make this plan as successful as possible and adapt as challenges present themselves.


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