Happy Lake 2

Happy Lake 2
After a few years of ugggg …we have a 2nd year in a row..of ..what seems like…awesome water….I just want HUG the lake.
Like last year…Visibility has gone from less than a meter in the spring to 1.2 to 1.3 today…a normal from years past… you can feel the mixing (balance) of cold and warm water again around your knees…lake side tress (are on dry land) and breathing again….trees….the lakes last line of defense…..meaning the lake is not grabbing as much nutrients..
This is an old picture …but we have a massive amount of Byrozoan cultivating on the side of our dock again… The colony is a sign of a healthy lake.. it’s said.
Our natural bay is chock full of marine life…
We all have a rock or whatever…mine is my dock connected to its 25 year old rings…
No alga so far for two years…I remember 3 and 4 years ago..not so good…and about 13 years ago…
Get out ..get in the water….enjoy ….we have a beautiful lake when happy!

A…Happy Brandy Lake


I’m sure the recent article on a major site in Muskoka about …checking for elevated levels of bacteria…in general..may have some concerned.   I don’t think one has to worry…. as explained below.

I was involved with testing for bacteria levels on Brandy Lake for over a decade   but…quit last year when “water”  meetings  were held  …without …. myself and test partner.

Bacteria  gets in the water from several sources.   You have all read how important a shoreline buffer can be.    Trees etc.  Well..guess what….its true.    After a heavy rain event (let me be clear …..I don’t recall ever having a red alert) the levels of bacteria were the lowest in locations with the most trees and shoreline buffer and more bacteria in elevated cleared locations..

At one time ….next day after a heavy rain event  we did  tests on the higher bacteria level spots ..and all was back to normal levels around the lake.

2nd.…this 1st sector is long so next time…From my many decades of  being on Brandy Lake  in one way or another…seems to me…Brandy Lake is very happy!

Many  of my tests are online..but you can check out your Bacteria Levels on page A 72 – 73 from last years testers.

Lets be clear ..I’m not a scientist or perceived scientist..these are my..seat of the pants..comments.



Chipmunk ..Help

Who doesn’t like to feed cute little chipmunks?


So easy to train.. ..with so much trust.     BUT...The Heintzmans from Brandy Lake brought this to my attention … peanuts in the shell will rot in several months.     Poor little buggers go to eat the saved nuts middle of winter and all the food has gone bad.   They die.

I further googled this and sure enough..as ..usual they are right.

So….I have switched them to bird seed in a bowl..,  fruits ..raisins and sun flower seeds.

But..they ain’t happy ..they want peanuts…

Other pets here are :

Stubby ..the squirrel with no tail eats peanuts on the spot

Blue ..the BlueJay who steals peanuts from Stubby if he doesn’t get them fast enough. Every time Blue sees me walk by he starts nattering.  Once he came into garage….he was so angry.

Chip..I think we have 3 loyal Chipmunks






I still think the beer cans screwed to a board ranks as #1

The note  below from a concerned cottage is a pretty close 2nd.   The amount of effort they had to go through to “fix it” is one families  concern for environment

Just to inform fellow cottagers that recently some wanker left a very heavy box of garbage at the corner of Falkenburg and Brackenrig Roads.

It consists of paint cans,  paint brushes, rebar,  plastic sheeting etc.

Of course, the local waste management company would not dispose of it.

I went to the Town Offices in Port Carling, and spoke to Public Works. They informed me that they would come and take it away for me. Not sure if they have, since I haven’t been there in over a week.

It’s so disappointing that people would do this. Just to let you (me ..web guy) know, and our neighbours.

Stupid 1 Revisited:


Love Thy BBQ

We need to make a point here first about ,,what is a BBQ?………My die heart BBQ cookin friend ….Jim Cormack on Brandy Lake (poodle Jim) …does not consider my BBQ a real BBQ,.. ..he needs more heat control and flavor control for the ultimate taste.

Nun-the less…this is about care.    Steel or Stainless Steel could all use help annually.   Just a short note on Stainless.  If you are looking Stainless take a magnet with you.  Stainless has many grades….316 is pretty strong and rust resistant but expensive..

304 is one step down and this is the common material.    If you find your magnet sticks to the stainless then there is a good chance its 430.  Probably no better than steel..but shiny.

Start by gathering material  like to picture..this is not a quick job.  I have an air compressor hose and hose water as well.













Next..I start by taking everything off,…dials,,grates,, flavor bars or bricks, tank and all parts in the door,   You usually don’t have to take out the tubes. they can be cleaned in place.  Check for any burnt through holes etc,

Begin by scraping everything…..makes a big mess.    Get rid of all that buildup ..I use a wire brush and scraper.

Once that is done I paint any pre painted parts with high heat paint.   Not sure if this a  safe thing so check with a BBQ expert.    Here is everything painted and replaced.  I paint  under the hood as it came painted











Next ..I go at the grates…mine are stainless and again check with an expert ..but I just use wire brush and SOS pads.  I wipe  clean after using SOS.   I also clean the flavor bars (don’t laugh Jim) However this time I replaced them after 10 years












Its time to look close at the burner tubes and check the holes…scrub with wire brush and make sure all pipes and feeder tubes are clean.  The holes may vary is size.   If you find a burnt through hole or feeder tubes burnt you need to replace.  Its very easy to see the pattern….clean well!






















Check all the dials as well..blow out where to tubes go into valves for spiders or bugs











After about 3 hours work..and its set up to run..apply (brush) high temperature cooking oil to the grill.  This really isn’t necessary for Webers and similar due to coated grates,,but I do it anyways.    I wanted to coat the new flavor bars with ..oil..but boss said no..hmmm.  So run it with no food..for it to grip on…many add oil after every cook,