Mitre Saw For Sale

SOLD!!!!! this price ..should be sold in minutes…..looks brand new…..listing quote  below. 

Sears Craftsman Compound Mitre Saw with Laser guidance for sale. This saw is an oldie but goodie, from the era when Sears had the best power tools you could buy!

I have graduated to a sliding compound mitre saw, but used the Craftsman for my most recent project, new baseboards for out Bunkie. This baby has thousands of board feet [er, board metres] left in her.

Asking $100. Bob Carlson at 705-764-0645 or

Rental Request

Three couples would like to  rent a cottage August 1st to 4th.     The request is from a reputable cottager asking for friends

You can replay private or public.   Try the form below..if you don’t get an answer reply to this post

Picture is for attention

Picture thanks to Brandy Lake resident and friends..

Local Artist

I hope Natalie Cormack,  a long time talented resident of Brandy Lake is not too embarrassed about us posting this.   Like most artist..she is more at home with the satisfaction of  “I did that”  than broadcasting the work.  After years of “I did that” Natalie is finally showing her work.  You can view it:

The art work will be hanging at the gallery, along with the art work of 5 other ladies, from May 16 to May 29.  The opening is this Sunday from 2 – 4.  If you get the chance, please drop by to say hello and enjoy a glass of wine.

Muskoka Place Gallery – 1182 Foreman Road, Port Carling

Natalie Cornack