LOST! Navy blue boat cover

LOST! Navy blue boat cover if found please call 705-746-1983. blew out of the boat from the boat ramp on brackenrig.


HIGH WATER….Lost Water Toys

Canoe found and is sitting in the North East Bay

If you were not up on the weekend to see it….we have exceptionally high damaging water levels going on due to excessive rain.

I would guess early May levels so check your properties.

I am not sure if shoreline trees (the lakes last line of health deference) have every been dry this year… they can usually last about 5 months +/- underwater before damage starts.

We leaned this fact from one of our scientific speakers at our AGM a few years ago.

See THREE pictures below














Another Dock

Well …..another “floater” out there….came down to see us for awhile then left…

This dock floated by our place this weekend so we’ve tied it to the end of our dock for safe keeping. In the bay by the boat launch at the dock with the blue slide. If anyone recognizes it please let me know via the form below




Spring Finds

We have 3 rafts at the east end ..maybe more…floating around

One raft and one Pontoon Boat at the west end of Brandy Lake.

Pontoon Boat photo by Fred Kelsey

And a lot of crap…beer cans…dead heads….stakes…etc