We are constantly looking  for ways to improve enjoyment on Brandy Lake by getting  common sense boat operator decisions out there.   New signs at the boat launch are easily visible for others as well.

Also….many of us have switched to four-stroke engines and some to the new two-stroke models that are incredibly efficient with exhaust emissions.    All steps in the right direction..

Many thanks to the following for help and providing the signs and installs.

Safe Quiet Lakes headed up by our own Jane Evans is one of the few entities that is actually doing something.

Township of Muskoka Lakes

MLA ..sign supplied by Lisa  Noonan

Boat Launch Safe Quiet





Boat Launch MinistryBoat Launch MLA

RMS Segwun & Wenonah II!

Nothing says Muskoka like discovery. Hop aboard the amazing RMS Segwun, North America’s oldest operating steamship. Launch your curiosity on Wenonah II with all its modern conveniences. Muskoka Steamships is the one-of-a-kind way to experience Muskoka!

We may be able to offer the following prizes this season:

– a Family Pass to KIDZONE for this summer

– a Family Pass to join a FROZEN cruise this summer

Take a look at the 2015 two-sided brochure..




Water Quality Monitoring 2014

Hello from the frozen didn’t snow today…we have a few days of rest.

Attached are the results for Muskoka including Brandy Lake

Please note there is an error in the report and I have contacted Lisa to correct it.  It indicates that the east inlet is actually an inlet not an out-let as indicated.  The only outlet is under the 118 bridge.   Brandy Lake is a headwater lake.  

This is not the continuation of “drinking water work post” mentioned in the news letter.

Peter Sale helped collect the samples and I tested them Bob Hogg

Peter also collects samples for another test.

The 2014 MLA water quality monitoring program was a success. In all, over 100 volunteers like you collected 1235 samples. The report detailing the results of the program is now available.

Key messages from the results report are as follows:

  • Monitored lakes have consistently good water quality that is suitable for recreational use.
  • Most e. Coli values recorded are well within the expected range of values that would occur naturally; most were also below the MLA guideline.

This year’s ‘Focus Areas’ have been identified with yellow or red traffic lights. The specific rationale for the traffic light classifications is underlined within each area summaries sheet. Eighteen areas are classified yellow, meaning further investigation is recommended to maintain good water quality. One area is classified red, meaning immediate remedial action is necessary to address water quality problems. The red light area presented E. coli concerns, which the Water Quality & Environment and Political & Land Use Committees have been hard at work addressing our concerns with local residents and the municipal government.

Water Quality Report 2014

We have a winner!

The draw for the Segwun cruise for 4 (2 adults and 2 children) took place yesterday, June 18th in the presence of Lynn Allen, Lorna Hogg and Johanna Geuzebroek.  All the names of the folks who have renewed their membership for 2012 were entered into the draw.

Drum roll…..the winner is Patty McCabe at 1050 Phylimar Lane.   Congratulations, Patty!

Lynn making the draw