How To Fix Pizza

I am no cook..but..

I tried this several times this summer and wow!   This trick is so good, I almost want to buy a pizza and not eat till the 2nd day.  The procedure works with frozen and fast food  bought…2nd day pizza.   When you take your time to save that last piece, instead of throwing it out,  for day two tells how good it is.

Get BBQ warmed up on LOW…place pizza on bottom rack for 5 minutes lid closed…..then place pizza on upper warming rack for a further 5 minutes..lid closed…eat when temperature gets below burning your mouth. ……..only qualified BB-Q ist should do it can be dangerous and cause death or burn down the cottage.

This may not work with a loaded you can see mine are plain.

To each his own..but to me its good.



You Are Responsible

“You are also responsible for the cost of repair or
res/tu/on for damage and discomfort your boat
causes to people, objects, wildlife and shoreline”.

This is an interesting link excerpt pdf page from the MLA 

With contact info

Brandy Lake’s First Little Library

Brandy Lake’s First Little Library at 1013 Phyllimar Lane, Brandy Lake

Several years ago I saw this initiative and thought it was great. Since then it has grown to thousands around the world although primarily in USA and Canada.

This was built with left over building material.

Little Free Library is a non-profit organization that inspires a love of reading, builds community, and sparks creativity by fostering neighborhood book exchanges around the world. This library has been registered with the Charter no. is 56310 and should be listed on their website within several days.

Through Little Free Libraries, millions of books are exchanged each year, profoundly increasing access to books for readers of all ages and backgrounds.

So please come by, take a book out to read or bring one for others to read , appropriate for all age groups.

This library will remain throughout the year. However, there will be limited accessibility in the winter due to the high snow. We do not come up in the winter and will not be clearing the path for the Library.


Andrea von Moeller

Important Short Survey For Brandy Lake

Dear Brandy Lakers 

Love Your Lakes Shoreline Assessment of Brandy lake is nearly completed but we need your help.  One step is left.

Please take 2 or 3 minutes to complete the Love Your Lake  survey and share what is important to you about our lake.

Click on this link:

Your response on what we value about Brandy Lake will help the Canadian Wildlife Federation incorporate our data to generate their report. Please take a moment in the next 48 hours to help us reach our goal. Your input is important to us all.

BLA Executive and the Love your Lakes Program Team

Resort Designation.


Muskoka District Official Plan:

 Resort Designation.

Make your voice heard.

1) Attend the second public meeting to be held as part of the Muskoka Official Plan Review project on Thursday, November 23 at 9am at the District office in Bracebridge.

The District welcomes all stakeholders to attend the meeting and requests that you RSVP to should you plan on attending so that they can ensure that space is available to accommodate everyone.  If you are unable to attend the public meeting in person, it will be webcast to allow the proceedings to be followed online – www.muskoka/webcasts.  Alternatively, you may submit written comments to the District of Muskoka or fill out an online comment form.

2) Sign the petition to Save Muskoka <…>
3) Write your Muskoka Council and make your concerns known. <>
4) Spread the word. Talk to your friends and neighbors, repost on Facebook, visit

Make your voice heard.

Sailors Take Warning

Paddle Volunteers

The paddle group is in great need of volunteers, especially anyone with a boat (aluminum fishing boat is fine too) who might be available to be on the river at one of many spots as a safety boat/monitor?   Free packed breakfast and lunch provided for anyone on water duties.  Many other land-based jobs available too with free breakfast/lunch provided by the Lions Club.  See exert from organizers email to our Muskoka Paddling Club  members below.  Last year we were off the water around 2.30p.m.

It is a fun day with lots to see.  Please see poster below

“Last year we had almost 300 paddlers, requiring about 40 volunteers. You’ll be able to meet/watch  some of the best paddlers in the province. Plus 3 or 4 Dragonboats and several North Canoes.

To volunteer please use short form below to Pat Schofield

There are all kinds of volunteer tasks from helping with registration to staffing a safety boat or check point boat, from  directing traffic to being a spotter, from helping paddlers get their boats in and out of the water to handing out juice/water etc..  So let Pat know what you can/cannot do and any strong preferences for being on water or land. We have the hardest time finding  volunteers with 1) motorboats for our safety boats and check pointing or 2) motor operator licenses who can captain our club safety boats  and 3) those with current first aid certification. So if you have any of those credentials please let Pat know.   Volunteers are provided with breakfast and lunch meal vouchers. Lions will be cooking hot meals on site. ”

Many thanks, Moira