Easy Fix …

So…..I hate un-natural  city lookin grass on our natural Muskoka lot..  .so I hack it down.

My window bustin (ugggg) powerful Echo gas trimmer required a carburetor kit.   Which would then require tearing the carb ,,..down and trying to remember where all the little parts go

Found this on Amazon….complete new carb including spark plug for about $26.00

Like …are you kidding me???

Zip bang boom..easy fix!


Web Site

It seems our web site was down since the end of December..and is back up tonight..I hope.

I think the problem is solved..however dealing with three entities each claiming it was the others problem was frustrating.

In addition to throwing imaginary clubs around I broke the email,,which has been fixed as well.

You can look forward the winter newsletter soon..

It didn’t take as long to get Bell to replace my PVC for the 2nd time..so you can judge the time frustration from that.




We are constantly looking  for ways to improve enjoyment on Brandy Lake by getting  common sense boat operator decisions out there.   New signs at the boat launch are easily visible for others as well.

Also….many of us have switched to four-stroke engines and some to the new two-stroke models that are incredibly efficient with exhaust emissions.    All steps in the right direction..

Many thanks to the following for help and providing the signs and installs.

Safe Quiet Lakes headed up by our own Jane Evans is one of the few entities that is actually doing something.

Township of Muskoka Lakes

MLA ..sign supplied by Lisa  Noonan

Boat Launch Safe Quiet





Boat Launch MinistryBoat Launch MLA

Rodent Damage Muskoka fall 2014

I’d like to re-post a message about current rodent damage.  Located East bay.

Hi everyone,

I thought I would pass on to everyone that a Beaver is making it’s rounds
in the night these past few nights and has taken down 4 small trees next
door to my place recently. The chicken wire on the small hardwood trees
seems to be keeping them away from my place.

rodents chew







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