Common Front Yard

As individuals..we all must conduct our lake usage accordingly.  We share this beautiful setting ..collectively.   So….ANTIFREEZE story

Our boats will be going in soon.    Some are just “drain” like one of mine.  Others, including PWC’s hold antifreeze over the winter.   It would be optimal if you flushed that before launching.   With my PWC….I simply blast it on land for a few seconds.. to  blow antifreeze out.

The more expensive stuff like propylene  glycol antifreeze is used to reduce aquatic threats.  It is blue, pink, or clear and less toxic than other antifreeze

Lets say 50 boats are put in with antifreeze. 50 x 1.5L is 75 liters or about 20 gallons.   I purify lake water ..anything that is foreign to water displaces oxygen.

My boat ready for spring cleaning

Good article


State of Emergency

State Of Emergency Declared In Bracebridge..

April 23 2019 see link below.

Well as we guessed …Brandy Lake has stopped rising the date I guessed.  It has gone down an about 60 cm or two feet.   I am , guessing, it may drop about 1 meter before it slows its drain.

Not sure if the big lakes floods are the effect of dams not controlled like the St Lawrence problem.    Again..Brandy Lake has its own watershed and not affected by upstream lakes…we drain into Muskoka lake..a tributary I guess to Muskoka.   We are normal…almost




Tiny..ish Flying Violent Weapon

Be careful what you scrape off the Muskoka cottage wall this early summer.   The  small size ugly thing ..looks dead..but actually is the incubation home of an insane aggressive dragon fly as observed on my cottage walls.

In my picture..that Dragon Fly came out of that cocoon….it took a good 24 hours…The head comes out first and finally the wing tips..

Dragonflies are great hunters. In their larval stage – which can last up to five years! – they live in the water and eat anything that comes near them, including aquatic insects, tadpoles and small fish. As adults, they eat flies, mosquitoes, grasshoppers, butterflies, flying ants and even other dragonflies, which they catch while they’re in flight.   Read more at DRAGON FLY

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Muskoka Flooding

Click on the link below to see some to the local Muskoka damage.

Brandy Lake is not connected to any lakes upstream..however we drain into Muskoka Lake.

We have had high water.  Lets hope everything is tied down on shore. around the perimeter.

I have been monitoring the level and I “THINK” we have reached peak this afternoon (94/21/2019) and will start to recede albeit SLOW.

Please contact me regarding any ..floaters…and we will post it




For Sale….Soon

Amazing place coming up for sale West End..


Hello Fellow Brandy Lakers

We hope everyone had a good winter and are looking forward to another wonderful summer season on our beautiful lake.

We would like to let you know about our plans.  After enjoying 10 years on the lake as cottagers and an additional 8 years as seasonal residents, we have decided to make some lifestyle changes that include selling our beautiful “Brandy Lake Cottage”

We are letting you know in advance of listing our place in case you may have a friend or relative who would like to consider owning a place on Brandy Lake.

Interested in more information?  We can be reached at 705 765 0480 email

Jack and Johanna Geuzebroek

1048 Brackenrig Rd.

I Quit

Just a quick update…..I have quit the BLA

I have owned this web site since the original BLA over 20 years ago and intend to move forward with good information..I hope

My lake files including newspaper clipping back over 20 years and we intend to share them with all..

Also check out my Lake Facebook page and lets get started using it!

Thank you all who follow…just find the link to keep up with ..Posts..on your computer or cell.

I’m excited about this years Regatta in “Launch Bay” stay tuned for the exciting new day!