Boat n Stuff for Sale

We have requested pictures from Maria for this stuff..nothing yet 

From: Leitao, Maria (St Margaret)

1)Red Coleman Canoe and Yellow Pelican kayak for sale
In good shape – Pair $150

2) 17ft Princecraft blue aluminum boat
25 hp Mercury engine
Front steering wheel
Custom boat cover
In great shape!
Tennessee trailer
Custom boat cover
3yrs old – Paid $13,300 For Sale- $9,999

1043 Scout Trail – Phone # 416 998 3297

Common Front Yard

As individuals..we all must conduct our lake usage accordingly.  We share this beautiful setting ..collectively.   So….ANTIFREEZE story

Our boats will be going in soon.    Some are just “drain” like one of mine.  Others, including PWC’s hold antifreeze over the winter.   It would be optimal if you flushed that before launching.   With my PWC….I simply blast it on land for a few seconds.. to  blow antifreeze out.

The more expensive stuff like propylene  glycol antifreeze is used to reduce aquatic threats.  It is blue, pink, or clear and less toxic than other antifreeze

Lets say 50 boats are put in with antifreeze. 50 x 1.5L is 75 liters or about 20 gallons.   I purify lake water ..anything that is foreign to water displaces oxygen.

My boat ready for spring cleaning

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